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Churchwarden Committee Monthly meeting
Ladies' Committee Saturday morning 9:30 am
Wednesday's Gathering: for extensive religious education for adults (cathechism, discussions, lectures..) 7: 30 pm from October till April
Ladies meeting Saturday 11:30 am
Married couples Every 3 months
New wed Couples Meeting Every 3 months
Children 's Religious Instructions Friday from October till May 10:30 morning & Wednesday 6-8 June till Septemer
Solemn Communion Friday from October till May 10:30 morning
Preparatory Students Meeting Saturday at 7:00 pm
Secondary Students Meeting Friday school time, wednesday summer time
University Students Meeting Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Graduates Meeting Monday 8:00 pm
Choir "St-Cyril" (60 members) Every Sunday and rehearsals after the mass
Children Coir "The Angels" "The Angels" schedule varies upon seasons
St. Vincent Association for Social Charity work Every first Wednesday of the month
Mary's Legionaries Tuesday morning at 10:30
Scout for Boys and Girls Friday at 12:30 winter time, Monday and Thursday 5:30 summertime

Other Missions:
Our church is also the office of the Press Office of the Catholic Church as well as "Le Messager", the weekly catholic newspaper both headed by F. R. Greiche.

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